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Mexico hit by two more earthquakes, devastation taking its toll

Mexico City, Mexico — Two more earthquakes hit central Mexico Saturday while the country is still trying to recover from the previous quakes that have killed hundreds.

On Saturday, two more earthquakes were recorded in Oaxaca, the first being a 6.1 magnitude that hit in the morning while the second was recorded at 7:06 p.m. as 4.5-magnitude. The earthqakes hit a town near Matias Romero, 275 miles southeast of Mexico City.

These latest quakes shook the country while rescue efforts are still being made to find survivors under the 38 buildings that collapsed from the 7.1 quake that hit central Mexico September 19. Soldiers continue to sift through rubble in an attempt to find bodies before heavy machinery begins taking away building debris.

Over the weekend, a soldier helping with rescue efforts in the state of Morelos found the lifeless bodies of a mother and daughter. The amount of destruction and death seen by rescue teams has been overwhelming, as seen in the photo of the soldier who found the bodies.

The photo was captured by Marco Gil Vela which quickly hit social media platforms. The husband and father of the deceased women left a thank you for the unknown soldier for recovering the bodies and giving him the opportunity to say goodbye to his wife and daughter.

The latest death toll figures have reached 320 from the September 19 earthquake. Dozens of aftershocks have been felt around the country from the two previous devastating quakes, the first of which was recorded along the Pacific coast as an 8.1 magnitude on September 8 and the second, a 7.1 on September 19 that rocked a large portion of central Mexico.