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Mexico government investigates missing documents for collapsed buildings

Mexico City, Mexico — The government of Mexico City says they are investigating officials involved in the construction of buildings that collapsed during the September 19 earthquakes for hiding documents.

The investigation will focus on those linked to the construction of those buildings that fell, noting that judicial proceedings are being held up due to the absence of the required paperwork.

Mexico City justice attorney Edmundo Garrido said that some of the complaints lack construction documents such as plans, which are basic to carrying out the expert reports on collapsed or damaged property.

“Where there is no documentation, those who have removed it will be held responsible,” warned Miguel Angel Mancera, government head adding that “we have opened investigations and there will be emerging responsibilities.”

To date, the capital’s prosecutor’s office has 117 cases registered from the collapsed buildings that range from fraud to manslaughter.

Zuleyma Huidobro, general director of Legal Government, said that many of the companies have complied, noting “they have been very responsible in the delivery of the documentation that the attorney has requested.”

He also added that other companies, such as those in the regions of Benito Juarez and Coyoacan where buildings collapsed due to the earthquakes, have yet to comply to the request for documentation.

Head of Government of the CDMX noted that “there must be documentation. It must exist.”