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Mexico deports another 105 caravan migrants for criminal involvement

Mexico City, Mexico — The government of Mexico says that 105 Central American migrants were returned to their country of origin after being found involved in crime.

On Tuesday, 105 Central American migrants were taken by a Federal Police plane to Mexico City then onward to their country of origin after they were found in either administrative fault and/or involved in crime.

Gerardo García Benavente, commissioner of the National Institute of Migration explained that around noon, 105 migrants arrived at the facilities of the Air Force aboard two foreign buses from the city of Tijuana. Both buses of migrants were loaded onto the waiting federal police plane.

García Benavente says that in Mexico, there are around 8,400 migrants from different caravans of which 7,300 are in the state of Baja California. The rest are in transit to the city of Tijuana.

“We have around 8,400 in the country in closed numbers. We had 7,400 in Baja California but we have to subtract those who actually crossed into the United States and were arrested on Sunday. Those who were insured by various authorities and presented to the National Institute of Migration is around 100,” said García Benavente.

About 3,280 Central Americans from the various caravans that have entered Mexico since October, have requested refuge status.

“Those who have requested refugee status in Tapachula are 3,230 then about 550 were abandoned and are now in processes before the Mexican Commission for Assistance to Refugees.

“Of the refugee applications, 2,650 have already been given permission to stay legally in our country and have already been provided with a temporary CURP to find a job, while others registered in the federal Estás en Tu Casa program were given a temporary job,” explained Gerardo García Benavente.

Since the first caravan of Central Americans entered Mexico, more than 200 have been handed over to the National Migration Institute for deportation due to their involvement in crime or administrative fault.