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Mexico continues to help Canada fight fires

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexican brigades continue to help Canada battle its forest fires as more than 250 volunteers offer their expertise.

So far, 251 Mexican technicians and firefighters, including one woman, have traveled to Canada to help control the forest fires that continue to engulf many parts of British Columbia.

The Mexican government says Mexico expresses its highest recognition and admiration to the men and women who lend their lives to a highly risky service. It’s the experience and knowledge of Mexican fire brigades and technicians that has allowed them to come to the aid of other countries when local capacities are overtaken by events of great magnitude.

To date, 251 Mexicans, including one woman, have joined the Canadian teams to combat the record amount of fires. Over the past few weeks, Mexican brigades have helped combat 1,191 fires (so far) in the Cariboo, Quesnel, Plateu South, Hanseville-Risk Creek and Kamloops regions.

The shipment of this contingent represents the largest international mobilization in Mexican history and endorses good neighborly ties with Canada, which for the second time, receives Mexican support for fire control. Canada received brigade help from Mexico last year for fire-affected regions of Alberta.

Mexican combatants continue to participate in control actions, tracking and settlement of hot spots, reconnaissance and tracking of escape routes, reconnaissance flights and operation of specialized machinery.

The capabilities of Mexican brigaders comply with the international standards of the Incident Command System adopted by the United Nations, which has allowed them to support other countries in South America, including Chile.