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Mexico City’s famous Zócalo area hosts skating rinks

Mexico City, Mexico — An ice rink has been installed in the city’s famous Zócalo area where hundreds of people can enjoy ice skating.

The government of CDMX says that they will install a second ice skating rink in the Glorieta de Insurgentes , which will have an area of 400 meters.

CDMX’x Miguel Ángel Mancera pointed out that this space was recovered and transformed into a public area for ice skating. He says that they wanted to take advantage of the area, a place where they could offer people the experience of ice skating.

He says about 1,700 people per day are expected to take to the ice rink, which is completely free to use. The ice rink will be open to the public beginning this weekend and will become an annual tradition as they city intends to set up the additional rinks each year.

Miguel Ángel Mancera said that the ice rink will be available until the second week of January, by which time they anticipate more than a million people will have skated the rinks around the city.

Local temperatures in Mexico City have dipped down to just below freezing, creating the perfect environment for outside ice skating rinks.