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Mexico City replaces 50 old taxis with new electric cars

Mexico City, Mexico — The popular Zócalo area of Mexico City has put 50 electric taxis on the roadways, which the mayor says, will go a long way to reducing emissions.

On Wednesday, the capital’s head of government, Miguel Ángel Mancera announced the delivery of 50 electric taxis and 100 hybrid patrols, the first of its kind in the Mexican capital.

He explained that the new cars will help eliminate pollution adding that new lanes will be added to the roadways of the area with lines marked, electric / hybrid or natural gas.

Ángel Mancera added that resources that will be saved by fuel of the patrols, which will be between 50 and 60 percent, can be invested in other areas, although he said the city suddenly has a need for electric stations, not only gas stations. Now, he says, it is necessary to seek agreements with companies such as the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

The new cars have a speed maximum of 190 kilometers per hour and will be at least 50 percent less expensive to run than gasoline vehicles.

Mancera Espinosa noted that they have to replace 110,000 taxis throughout Mexico City and is a change that needs to be made in a sustained manner. He added that in 2018, the city will make important advancements in the issue of electric cars, which will put Mexico City ahead of other cities in the world.