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Mexico City gets hit by most severe storm of year

Mexico City, Mexico — On Thursday night, government officials say Mexico City received their most severe storm of the year that ended with flooded streets, submerged vehicles and water and hail damage.

The Government of Mexico City reported that between 5:50 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. rains drenched many regions but was concentrated in the east, south and west zones, affecting mainly the Iztapalapa, Coyoacán, Tlalpan and Cuajimalpa delegations.

They report that on average, the city received 10 mm of a rain-hail mixture, however at 8:15 p.m., another system arrived flooding regions with more than 50 mm of rain. The Government of Mexico City says the hardest hit was Cuajimalpa, who in less than three hours, was flooded with a total of 53 mm of rain along with Iztapalapa 35 mm, Tlalpan 26 mm and Coyoacán with 13 mm.

The deluge caused flooding in the streets, cars to be submerge to their rooftops and city infrastructure to overflow. By the time the second system arrived, the Water Commission of the State of Mexico and the National Water Commission called emergency operations due to the high levels of water in the drainage systems.

The Water Commission of the State of Mexico said that the infrastructure of Mexico City, integrated by 12,000 kilometers of pipes and 96 pumping plants, was working at maximum capacity while trying to deal with the rains.

Nearly 30 emergency vehicles were sent into the streets to help motorists as well as provide additional drainage with pump trucks. Preliminary information reports at least 46 properties being damaged.