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Mexico City first in country to ban dolphin exhibits

Mexico City, Mexico — On Tuesday, a unanimous vote to ban dolphin shows in Mexico City was passed, prohibiting the use of marine mammals in public and private exhibitions.

The Legislative Assembly of Mexico City unanimously approved the ban on dolphin shows at CDMX on August 1. This new ban will prohibit the use of marine mammals in fixed or private shows, management, training, entertainment and therapy.

This ban is a historic landmark for captive marine animals in Mexico City and could be the prelude to a ban on captive breeding throughout the Mexican Republic, a ban Animal Heroes has been working toward since March 2017.

It is estimated that there are more than 320 dolphins in captivity in Mexico, living in small tanks and swimming pools where they are forced to do daily acting stunts that are foreign to their nature.

Dolphinaries are tiny compared to the ocean, and dolphins often die prematurely. Several studies have shown that captivity seriously weakens their immune system which can lead to death. To avoid early death, they are permanently medicated.

Companies and / or private individuals found using dolphins for exhibition purposes can be fined up to 300,000 peso.