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Mexico City ends year with largest tourism increase in five years

Mexico City, Mexico — According to a statement from the Tourism Secretariat of the country’s capital, 29,812,086 visitors arrived in Mexico City during 2017, the largest number in five years.

Mexico City (CDMX) closed 2017 with an influx of 29.8 million visitors, the largest number in five years said Armando López Cárdenas, secretary of Tourism of the capital of the country.

In a statement, he said that hotel occupancy in the capital was on average 70 percent, which represented a growth of 2.6 points compared to 2016.

The economic gain from tourism during 2017 was more than 113.7 billion peso, 9.4 percent more than the previous year. In December alone, Mexico City experienced a 14.2 percent increase in tourist spending than in 2016, López Cárdenas reported.

During the 2017 year, Mexico City hosted more than 725 events that included music concerts, shows, sporting events and cultural concerts, which are a large attraction for tourists, he noted.