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Mexico City airport tariffs to increase via higher ticket prices

Mexico City, Mexico — The Airport Use Fee at the Mexico City International Airport is set to increase beginning 2018, which means travelers into the airport will pay more through their ticket.

As of January 1, the cost of the Tarifa de Uso de Aeropuerto (TUA) at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) will increase. For domestic flights it will be 458 peso (currently $13.34 USD) and for international flights, the fee will rise to 711 peso (currently $34.44 USD).

The rate will fluctuate since it is set in dollars, which will see it change every month according to the exchange rate on the official AICM website.

The increase has been authorized by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT). Most of the income of the AICM comes from the collection of the Airport Use Fee for national and international passengers and is also used to pay bank loans that were needed for the construction of the New Mexico City International Airport, which is expected to start operations in October 2020.

With the increase of the TUA, national and international airlines must make adjustments to their tariffs, which have a direct impact on the consumer.