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 Mexico bound flight suffers emergency, returns to Amsterdam

Amsterdam — A flight from Amsterdam bound for Mexico suffered an emergency that forced the plane to return to the airport.

According to Air Live, the plane suffered a possible bird strike when leaving the airport resulting in engine issues. KLM flight 685 was forced to dump fuel over the ocean after reporting issues with engine 4.

Air Live, a site that monitors commercial air activity worldwide, said the plane successfully dumped fuel enough to land at Amsterdam where passengers were transferred onto a spare aircraft.

“Due to technical problems, the plane returns to Schiphol as a precautionary measure. It’s going to land normally. At Schiphol, passengers will be transferred to another plane and continue their trip to Mexico. The safety of the passengers has not been compromised,” KLM reported on their social media account.

The KLM flight took off from Amsterdam-Schiphol airport at 14.35 local time and is still due to land at Mexico City tonight.