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Mexican Zenzzer app to measure amount of petro pumped into tank

A young group of technology-minded men have developed an app that will measure the amount of gasoline pumped into your vehicle.

On average, Mexican drivers are shorted around 300ml per 20 liters of fuel they purchase.

To address this ongoing problem, Pedro Silvente Roche, Gustavo Morales and Randy Cruz Sánchez González have developed an intelligence device that has the ability to check, in real time, the supply of gasoline in vehicles, enabling a confirmation of liter-to-liter measurements.

The technology runs on a mobile app or tablet which geo-locates the station. Through the app, users can rate the service and identify the establishments that do not comply with the practices of the Federal Office of Consumer Protection.

According to the Energy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico, there are approximately 10,000 service stations of which one in three short-change customers. However, according to reports from PROFECO, after making revisions to gas stations in 2014, they found that seven in 10 service stations have abnormalities and workers resist inspections.

The new app called Zenzzer, was created by marketer Randy Cruz González, mechatronics engineering student Peter Roche Silvente  and engineering physics student Gustavo Sánchez Morales from the Autonomous University of Yucatán.

“We want to empower people and give them the authority to validate the service by reporting the reputation each establishment deserves. Our plan is to provide the application at a national level so that it can be found at any auto parts store and is easy to install,” said Randy Cross.

The Zenzzer app is available for free download, however, those who acquire the app and device will benefit from a premium service.

Zenzzer is a device that allows consumers to monitor and verify the exact amount of fuel in a vehicle. It is outfitted with a sensor that decodes the information (of how much fuel was placed in the tank of a vehicle) and displays it on a screen in real time.

The group of entrepreneurs hopes to provide the app device and service with proper certifications under the standards set by Pemex and the Federal Consumer Protection.

The project has been coordinated by Uady through the Dr. Hideyo Noguchi Regional Research and in collaboration with the specialized agency for Development of High Impact Entrepreneur Ecosystem “Stamina”. Both institutions supported the project with 60 percent of the resources coming from the Sectoral Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Economy and National Council for Science and Technology (Finnova) and 40 percent coming from “Stamina”.

Zenzzer will be presented at the Entrepreneur Forum at the Convention Center Yucatan Siglo XXI from June 25 to 28. The group is in the process of seeking investors.

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