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Mexican tourist association says enough is enough in regard to “abusive savagery” of taxi drivers

Cancun, Q.R. — The Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV) in Cancun has launched a call to say “enough is enough” in regard to the “abuses and savagery of taxi drivers”, who are being accused of arbitrarily stopping tourist transport vans with federal plates last weekend in Puerto Morelos.

In a press conference, Sergio Gonzalez Rubiera, leader of AMAV, said that taxi drivers are interpreting the law in their own way or often apply their own law to take powers to stop tourist transportation vehicles under the argument that they can not operate in Puerto Morelos because it is a municipality outside Cancún.

Recently, a total of 175 tourists were traveling aboard luxury vehicles with federal plates in Puerto Morelos when they were forced to get out of the vehicles by PM taxi operators  who blocked their way to prevent them from reaching their destiny.

González Rubiera said that this incident still occurred even after they informed Alejandro Ramos, head of Transportation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation (Sintra), to request that they be allowed passage of the blockade created by the taxi drivers due to the large group of visitors.

He added that this problem is also the responsibility of the Federal Police, which has allowed this type of abuse by taxi drivers, because they lack the sufficient number of elements to monitor the Cancun airport, adding that the Cancun International Airport has also been very permissive with the harassment of taxi drivers and pirate carriers harassing tourists on arrival.