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Mexican students win top spot in NASA program

Houston, Texas — Three Mexican students have won big at the Mars Trekker Global Teen Summit, a program by NASA’s Space Station.

Mexico’s Communications and Transportation Secretariat (SCT) made the announcement on Thursday, saying that out of the 20 Mexican students who participated in the event, three came out on top. The winners were among 120 young participants between the ages of 13 and 17 with fields in the areas of robotics, tools for 3D printing in space and the design of possible human settlement on Mars.

“We must believe in Mexico and in the education of its young people. I firmly believe the upcoming generations will make it possible to transform Mexico into a country of world-class space and satellite development,” the director general of the Mexican Space Agency (AEM), Javier Mendieta Jimenez, said.

The AEM, which has an educational agreement with NASA, sent teen representatives to Houston from Monterrey, the Federal District and Tlaxcala, where the three winners live.

The winners were Javier Rivera Monter, 15, in robotics, Fatima Paola Vargas, 16, in the design of 3D printing tools for space and Yanet Josefina Guevara, 16, in human habitat design for outer space.

Mendieta recalled that the spaceship Orion, in which NASA plans to send astronauts to Mars, has wiring and a system of harnesses developed by Mexican engineers.

While at the Mars Trekker Global Teen Summit in Houston, participants attended conferences given by NASA scientists, engineers and specialists on Mars food and nutrition, as well as the spaceship, Orion, for planetary exploration.

The purpose of the NASA program is to find young talents from different parts of the world for its expeditions to Mars, which is scheduled for 2030.

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