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Mexican states suffer gas shortages from spike in pipeline fuel thefts

Mexico City – Several Mexican states are suffering from gasoline shortages as the country’s state oil company works to resupply the stations.

In a statement released on Thursday, Petroleos Mexicanos said their trucks are currently hauling gasoline to stations 24-hours a day in an effort to stem fuel shortages in the state of Nuevo Leon.

The state shortages are the result of an increase in fuel thefts from Petroleos Mexicanos pipelines.

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Earlier this week, the oil company released a statement saying that five illegal taps in different pipelines are to blame for the fuel shortages in the northern and western states. The company said they have ordered additional gasoline imports to make up the difference.

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At present, the shortages are affecting major the urban areas of Guadalajara, Monterrey and Saltillo.

In Feburary, Petroleos Mexicanos announced they were no longer shipping finished fuel products in the lines in an attempt to help curb theft.

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