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Mexican politicians to offer full financial transparency

An online platform developed by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), a public research policy organization, has launched a website that allows Mexican politicians to share the various resources they receive during their political careers.

The website is part of a project called #3de3 (number 3 of 3) and, with the support of some legislators,  was backed by the Business Coordination Council (CCE). The Senate is hoping to have this level of transparency become as mandatory as filing tax returns, however, CCE’s president, Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani, wants the project to go a step further with modifications to the law that stand up against corruption by removing fuero, the legal process that gives lawmakers immunity.

Gutiérrez Candiani received some support on his modification suggestion from Senate President, Miguel Barboa, who said the entire caucus of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) would like to see fuero removed from all positions, including that of the president.

PRD Senator, Zoé Robledo, said it’s important that people know not only the financial evolution of public servants, but conflicts of interest in which they could enter.

On the newly launched website, Legislador Transparente, are already several political members including Fernando Rodriguez Doval, Zoé Robledo Aburto, Laura Rojas Hernandez and Fernando Belaunzarán Mendez.

PAN Senator, Laura Rojas, stated that it is clear that Mexico is going through a crisis period with the credibility of the political class, which has generated a deep distrust of the people. She said that the deterioration of credibility in the political class comes from a long process of self-degradation of public service, which has been for many, a tool of empowerment and personal enrichment rather than an instrument of the common good.

“The event today in which we present to the public our tax returns, estate and interest, serve two purposes. First, it opens the way for future citizens and institutions to have new tools and second, to prevent and combat corruption,” said Rojas.

Leader of the Business Coordinating Council, Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani, supported the project saying that it is a necessary change in the political class because it is one of the most pressing demands in favor of national anti-corruption system.”

All political parties have been invited to join the program. Included in the platform is the proposal to create a special external ethics committee that would be responsible for analyzing any conflicts of interest.

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