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Mexican peso breaks barrier of 19 peso to the dollar

Mexico City – On Tuesday, the Mexican peso fell to its lowest since February 12, breaking the barrier of 19 peso to the US dollar.

In branches, the US dollar stood at 19.30 in Banco del Bajio, while Monex BanRegio was selling at 19.25 pesos. Other institutions such as Banamex, BBVA Bancomer, Santander and Banorte are selling in the range of 19.05 to 19.14 pesos per US dollar.

In Mexico City International Airport exchange centers, the average sale price is 19.11 pesos per dollar and is bought at 17.72 pesos. The higher price of foreign currency sale is 19.15 pesos, while the purchase the lowest cost is 17.70 pesos.

The Bank of Mexico reported that the exchange rate for Tuesday was 18.7915 pesos per US dollar. At the close of Monday’s session, the peso ended with a loss of 1.09 percent, trading around 18.83 pesos.

According to the UBS Financial Group, the spot exchange rate would see levels of up to 19.25 pesos until the end of the third quarter, which would mean peso levels above 19.50 in the retail market.

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