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Mexican navy takes over Acapulco police force, US issues new travel alert for Guerrero

Acapulco, Guerrero — The Navy of Mexico has taken over the entire police force of Acapulco after ongoing suspicions of inside corruption.

On Tuesday, the Secretaría de Marina-Armada de México moved in, arresting two Acapulco police commanders who are allegedly linked to murders. Federal forces also arrested the director of the highway police for carrying unofficial weapons.

Authorities have confirmed that so far, three police officers from the city of Acapulco have been taken into custody due to alleged connections to organized crime.

Roberto Álvarez, security spokesman for the state of Guerrero, explained that soldiers from the navy, along with federal and state police, deployed a ground and air operation around the facilities of the Municipal Preventive Police in Acapulco to disarm their agents and review the weapons and radio communication equipment.

Álvarez said that the secretary of municipal public security, Max Lorenzo Sedano, along with the rest of the agents that make up that dependency, are also subject to investigation.

“The decision, implemented by the Guerrero Coordination Group, was due to the increase of the incidences of crime that has been registered in the municipality and the lack of action by the municipal police to deal with the crimes,” he added.

Immediately after the take over, the US Embassy in Mexico City issued a new no-travel alert for its citizens for the state of Guerrero.