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Mexican fire fighters head to Canada to battle flames

Mexico City, Mexico — A group of Mexico firefighters have headed north to Canada to help combat the country’s fierce forest fires.

The National Forestry Commission reports that 108 forest fire fighters from Mexico have landed in the province of British Colombia to help combat flames. According to information from the National Forestry Commission, the brigades will form a commission along with international technicians to support in the mitigation of the fires that afflict that area of Canada.

The province of British Colombia currently has 126 wild forest fires and 1,600 fighters. Kevin Skrepnek of the B.C. Wildfire Service said that 4,910 square kilometers of forest, bush and grassland have been torched, making 2017 the second worst in recorded history in terms of land destroyed. Numerous houses have been lost as thousands of people remain evacuated from their homes.

The Mexican firemen will remain in their sister-nation country, offering their services for one month. Firefighters from Australia and New Zealand are also expected to arrive next week. In June 2016, Canada also requested the support of the Mexican fire fighters to help battle forest fires.

B.C.’s most devastating fire season on record was in 1958, when flames consumed about 8,560 square kilometers. This year’s fires are so intense they can be seen from space.