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Mexican Foreign Ministry not impressed by US amnesty quash

A recent ruling by Texas state judge, Andrew Hanen, to temporarily block President Obama’s immigration order has caused a stir in Mexico.

In a statement, the Mexican Foreign Ministry says it “regrets” Judge Hanen’s injunction to stop the program mere hours before applications were to be accepted.

The Mexican ministry said they feel the decision denies fair treatment to the illegal US immigrants who have worked and supported the American economy.

“These programs are a just remedy for millions of families and have the potential to strengthen the important contributions that Mexican immigrants make to the American economy and society,” the ministry said in its statement.

Analysts report that Mexican nationals make up a large majority of illegal immigrants in the US, estimating a total between 11 and 12 million. For years, Mexico has requested the US enact a legalization program so Mexican citizens can live there. The Mexican government had already begun issuing new identity documents to illegal immigrants to help them gain status under President Obama’s new amnesty order.

In November, President Obama announced a new amnesty which would allow illegal immigrant parents of US citizens and legal permanent residents to apply for a status that could grant them three-year work permits and Social Security numbers. The amnesty was an add-on to an already existing 2012 policy that has given hundreds of thousands of immigrants tentative legal work permits.

On Monday, federal Judge Hanen issued an injunction blocking the amnesty. The Mexican Foreign Ministry says it will keep citizens up to date on amnesty progress.

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