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Mexican chef wins world cooking title in Japan

Mexico City, D.F.  – A chef from Mexico City has walked away with the 2015 Washoku World Challenge title.

The annual competition in traditional Japanese cooking challenges chefs from around the world. This year, Gonzalo Santiago Bautista from Mexico City’s Suntory Lomas restaurant won the world title with his original creation of sake steamed tile fish with egg yolk sauce and Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit.

Earlier this year, Bautista was recognized for his traditional Japanese cooking when he took home a bronze for his dish Mt. Fuji in Early Spring.

The annual gastronomic challenge is about increasing the global awareness of Japan’s culture. There are approximately 89,000 Japanese restaurants around the world.

This year marked the third year of the cooking competition which had two participants from Mexico. Samuel Flores Garcia of Del Valle restaurant in Mexico City won the Harvest award for his dish of red snapper with tofu and steamed hedgehog.

There were also eight other chefs competing for the world title from countries including Romania, Nepal, Thailand and France.

Other contestants presented a traditional winter dish with turnip, an ingredient widely used in Japan, a category which Binod Nepali of Dubai’s Miyako restaurant won.

Filipino chef Alan Aranas was awarded for best presentation for his dish rice with soup and mackerel.

The world title was awarded by the Japanese government on Washoku Day. Bautista said he was very satisfied and would take the prize with him to Mexico and try to improve his knowledge of Japanese cooking even further.


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