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Meteorologist says residents should brace for record temperature summer

Last updated on March 15, 2018

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Local meteorologists say that as the tropical winter comes to an end, residents should prepare for record temperatures.

Meteorologist Luis Antonio Morales Ocaña says that the region is nearing the final phase of the winter season, and although there is a cold front or two yet to come, temperatures are expected to reach record levels again this summer.

He explained that over the next few weeks temperatures will remain mostly warm with the exception of a few cold fronts yet to hit the region before the winter season is finally over, adding that these fronts will not have a great effect on the region.

When spring arrives, however, he says that due to climate changes, high temperatures are expected to ring in the spring and summer season for the fourth year in a row. He says that they are anticipating daytime temperatures of 37C that feel like 47C with humidity.

He also noted that due to the very dry conditions of the state and the upcoming expected soaring temperatures, the region is likely to experience many forest fires this year.