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Mérida awarded most peaceful city in Mexico

Mérida, Yucatan — The city of Mérida has been awarded the most peaceful city in Mexico by an organization that recognizes tranquility and cultural peace.

The award was presented to the mayor of Mérida by the organization Building Spaces for Peace from Culiacán, Sinaloa with their Culiacán Peace Report.

Javier Llausás Magaña, director of Building Spaces for Peace, congratulated the citizens of Mérida and the mayor Renán Barrera Concha, for building a peaceful city that inspires other cities to achieve a culture of peace.

Representatives of Mérida presented their public administration vision in terms of security, prevention, planning and citizen participation to achieve peace, which has positioned them as one of the cities with the greatest security perception in Mexico.

The award, Mérida, the most peaceful city in Mexico, recognizes the city as an inspiration for others in relation to the culture of peace and for the actions of authorities to carry out and maintain tranquility as well as the city’s continued meetings with local authorities, businessmen and citizens on peace issues and security.

The National Survey of Public Security, as well as a report from the Strategic Communications Cabinet called Mexico’s Most Livable Cities, places Mérida as the safest city with a score of 66.9, followed for Durango with 63.4 and Saltillo with 54.1.