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Mercedes Benz introducing new sustainable models to Mexico market

Mexico City, D.F. — Mercedez Benz has plans to introduce six new sustainable models to Mexico car buyers by the end of the year.

The luxury car maker says that they will introduce five hybrid models and one electric model. Mercedes-Benz Mexico CEO Radek Jelinek reports that all six new models will be available by the end of 2017.

He said that due to the expectation that sustainable technologies have awakened in the Mexican consumer, the company determined that this year the class GLE and class S will arrive in Mexico, to which they will add new launches.

“This year we are introducing the GLE class which is the hybrid truck and with the S-class, there are three other models, as well as the Smart electric (…) Then we will have the full offer for the Mexican market,” he explained.

He said that currently in Mexico the customer is very demanding and wants to see more vehicles of good performance, so from that “we see a growing market.”

According to the figures of the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry ( AMIA ), in 2016 8,260 vehicles were commercialized with sustainable technologies, of which 7,998 were hybrids and 271 were electric.


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