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Medicatón Program collects more than 500 kilos of medical waste

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A recent collection of outdated medication in the city of Playa del Carmen resulted in more than 500 kilos of medical waste being collected.

Last week, the municipality of Solidaridad hosted the first Medicatón Program where local medical professionals and residents were encouraged to drop off unwanted and outdated medical waste. The goal was to have the items disposed of properly rather than have them end up in landfills.

Head of the Environment Department, Orquidea Trejo Buendía, explained having medical waste disposed of properly will prevent these products from polluting the environment or creating a health risk.

The program, which will now be held twice a year, promotes the free collection and final disposal of expired medicines for citizens and private businesses.

Since the beginning of the current administration, expired drugs were being received in the regular Reciclatón programs where they were managing to collect more than 100 kilograms in the 13 reception points located in different colonies and subdivisions of the municipality, said Trejo Buendía.

“Uncontrolled drugs are substances of natural or synthetic origin that have a preventive or rehabilitative therapeutic effect, and in a time of validity can generate a risk to health and pollution of the environment,” she said.

Medicatón Program will be held twice a year at the Civic Plaza 28 de Julio. The next collection will be at the end of November.

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