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Medical tourism: Four Points Hotel and Cancun’s Galenia Hospital connected

The Four Points Hotel has teamed up with Cisco Unified Communications and Cancun’s Galenia Hospital to become the first medically interconnected hotel.

The new connection allows medical tourism patients staying at the Four Points to have an interconnected network with the hospital, offering a higher standard of medical care.

Cancun’s Four Points Hotel has 108 rooms and four suits designated for the service. The rooms are fully equipped with enterprise-class IP telephone call processing, data and voice services, WiFi, advanced mobility capabilities and rich conferencing services.

Ramon Guevara, General Director Factor Integracion, says that working alongside Cisco has allowed them to support the Galenia Hospital in becoming the first hospital with a Medical Grade Network in which they can cement their position in the medical tourism market.

The Four Points is the first hotel to be interconnected with a hospital. This connection will help physicians offer high tech communication to their patients.

Rogelio Velasco, vice president Cisco Mexico, explains, “Cisco Medical-Grade Network solutions gives medical personnel anytime, anywhere access to patient information under a tailor made reliable and highly secure network.

Having the Four Points Hotel connected to Hospital Galenia by way of Cisco technology, will give health care practitioners the confidence to maintain communication in all premises that can support them in their daily patient care work.”

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