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Meade formalizes his presidential candidacy intention for PRI

Mexico City, Mexico — José Antonio Meade has stepped down from the cabinet of current President Enrique Peña Nieto to announce his intention to run for president next year.

The candidate for the presidential nomination for the PRI was presented Monday at the national headquarters where he delivered a speech of his intention to run for the candidature for 2018. Along with his intention and documents, Meade said, “I bring a third element. The emotion and the commitment to be convinced that we have to work on a certain course and with experience,” he said in his message to the commission.

The presidential candidate stressed that dialogue will be sought and not confrontation, and that old proposals for new recipes will be left aside.

“I am a supporter of the PRI and I am convinced that this party is the best alternative, the best option,” he said.

After receiving the documents from Meade, the PRI leader called a meeting of the permanent political commission to answer the request of the former Secretary of the Treasury.

“(Meade) presents all the established requirements and it is important to point out that the seven letters of support from the three sectors and the four national organizations of the PRI are presented,” said Ochoa.

President Enrique Peña Nieto dismissed José Antonio Meade from his cabinet with great warmth and wished him the best in the project he has decided to undertake.