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Mayor of Playa del Carmen requests external audit of previous administration

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — At a press conference, the municipal president of Solidaridad, Laura Beristain, announced that she is requesting an external audit against the previous municipal administration.

She said that the external audit request is justified by the magnitude of the financial irregularities found.

“After working on the procedures of the regular delivery-reception, inconsistencies have been detected in different directions that, due to the amount and importance of these, I feel the need to request an external audit so that a fair and impartial outcome is determined through technical and legal control, ensuring all relevant responsibilities and the corresponding measures are exercised,” she explained.

The mayor was accompanied by her cabinet, to whom she pointed out that all observations arose from the review of the delivery-reception process.

“Regarding the details of the inconsistencies, our Office of the Comptroller carries out our closing, attention and investigation procedures for which I reserve the discretion that these issues require in favor of fairness in proceedings, presumption of innocence and to respect the formalities of due process,” she added.

The mayor explained that this decision is supported and based on articles of la Ley de los Municipios del Estado de Quintana Roo of the resources assigned to the public servants of the public administration and of the city councils of the state of Quintana Roo.

Luis Fernando Vargas Aguilar, treasurer of the municipality of Solidaridad said that the importance of hiring an external auditor’s office is to have greater certainty and total impartiality of the observations that have been detected in this delivery-reception process.

“In particular, financial irregularities are detected in the government of Cristina Torres and Laura Beristain requests external audit,” he said.