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Mayor of Cancun announces state government to take over municipal police force

Cancun, Q.R. — In a press conference, the mayor of Cancun said that from this point forward, the state government will be in charge of the municipal police force of Cancun.

Benito Juárez municipal president Mara Lezama, announced that through an agreement, the Government of the State of Quintana Roo through the Ministry of Public Security will be responsible for the security of the municipality.

She also announced that the process to formalize the Single Police Command has begin. She explained that within the municipal police, certain groups are resisting the internal changes. She said that because of this, the decision was made that the state should lead security strategies.

Cancun Mayor, Mara Lezama

“From today it will be the state government, and in particular the security secretary Jesus Alberto Capella, that will be responsible for executing the security strategy so that each region and Supermanzana of Cancun can recover peace and tranquility.

“It will be also the responsibility of the secretary to make known the progress on this issue,” she added.

In her public address, she explained that for this reason, city council will begin with the legal process that leads to the Single Command to recover security which will include adding resources so that security can return to the destination.

She also stated that Jesús Pérez Abarca, the commander who was forcefully removed from the building earlier this week by officers, will continue with his position as municipal secretary of Public Safety and Transit of Benito Juárez.

The State Prosecutor General’s Office reports that an investigation has led to criminal charges against 15 municipal police officers involved in the forceful removal of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Jesus Perez Abarca.

A large majority of the municipal police of Cancun who were involved in the Monday dispute have since returned to work.