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Mayor Góngora Escalante vows to continue promoting economic growth for Solidarity

The mayor of Solidarity, Góngora Escalante Escalante, says that 2014 was a year of achievements and that for 2015, his administration has more than $438 million peso for public welfare projects, some of which include platform monitoring, free WiFi, intelligent street lighting systems and upgrades to the Solidarity Park.

This, in combination with a major investment of more than $3 million in hotel, restaurant and other tourism services that directly benefit the local economy.

“In the hands of citizens, listening to their needs, this year we are committed to continue promoting economic growth and creating more employment in order to improve the quality of life of all Solidarenses. We will continue working on being a municipality 100 percent inclusive, strengthening the social fabric to carry Solidarity at modern levels while remaining a prosperous town,” said Mauricio Góngora.

The munícipe emphasized that today, they have gained  a sound financial administration, regained public trust and overcome the low credit rating (from previous bank loans) that now serve as the basis of this prosperous town. Already this year, Solidarity has about $438 million peso to put toward programs without the need of a bank loan.

He explained that with the ever-changing Solidaridad municipality it’s important to be innovative, which is the reasoning behind the platform monitoring (for enhanced security), free WiFi to accommodate the younger generation and an intelligent lighting system that will provide significant savings each year in the Solidarity park, which is the main meeting point for community events.

Góngora Escalante adds that in response to an increasing population, more than $170 million peso will be spent on updating infrastructure related to electricity, sanitary drainage and public lighting in the colony Cristo Rey Arch Road as well as resurfacing and repaving of Bella Vista, South Ejido and Pedregal.

They will also be fulfilling their commitment to the new generation of solidarneses by providing adequate recreation facilities. More than $77 million peso will be used to extend sport areas in Puerto Aventuras as well as construct the Sports Court in Nicte-Ha with nine additional sports domes. Money will also be dedicated to sports facilities in and around Playa del Carmen.

Gongora said one of the main objectives of his administration will be spending $16.3 million peso on the command post Fire in Villas del Sol, the command post of the Tourist Police, the module license offices, classrooms and gymnasiums for the police academy and the medical unit of Public Security.

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