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Marijuana most popular mailed drug

Mexico City, Mexico — A recent report by the Mexican Postal Service shows that from January 2013 until June of this year, 47 accounts have been recorded of postal workers detecting drugs being sent throughout the country in regular mailing envelopes.

According to the investigation, Mexican postal workers have found marijuana, crystal, cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin to be some of the main drugs, with marijuana being the most common.

The agency reported that article 15 of the Mexican Postal Service Law does prohibits the circulation of closed or open mail shipments in envelopes that by text, shape, mechanism or application, are contrary to law, morality or customs.

The agency also notes that although the shipment of narcotics is not explicitly prohibited by the Mexican Postal Service, “it is prohibited to send correspondence that is offensive or demeaning to the nation.”

In 2016, US Postal Service inspectors seized mail containing more than 37,000 pounds of illegal drugs and $23.5 million in suspected drug-trafficking proceeds nationwide. Of that, about 36,000 pounds was marijuana.