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Marcelo Ebrard, former Mexico City mayor, removed from electoral list

Former Mexico city Mayor, Marcelo Ebrard, has been left off the representation list for the country’s center-left Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) for this year’s lower-house elections.

The party said that members of their National Council, with 81 percent of the total (206 votes ), has the latest list approved by its executive committee.

Candidates that have been included on PRD’s list are Agustin Basaba, Hortensia Aragon, Candelario Perez, Jesus Zambrano and Fidel Calderon, even though there were many objections from members of the party.

Rene Bejarano of the National Democratic Left, has issued a call for unity saying, “It’s very important to unify the party, defend it and avoid more desertions, more disagreements that deepen the crisis. I urge all colleagues from all the (factions), including Marcelo Ebrard, to remain in the PRD, to not make any decision that deepens the crisis,” he said.

Rene Bejarano was also left of the list for his “political maturity.”

Ebrard, who was a potential presidential candidate for the 2018 elections, sent a letter to the PRD’s National Council last week requesting he be included on the list.

In the letter, the former mayor explained, “I’m looking to be a federal lawmaker for my party in the next legislature. Not to shield myself with parliamentary immunity that I don’t need and doesn’t exist anymore.”

During the past three months, about 30 party members have left the PRD including long-time senator, Alejandro Encinas, who had been a member since the party’s founding in 1989.

Encinas said in reference to quitting the PRD, the party’s current crisis stems from links between party officials and organized crime that the “current leadership wants to minimize”, and not from internal electoral processes.

Mexicans head to the voting polls on June 7 to fill the 500 lower-house seats: 300 which are single-member districts and 200 seats by proportional representation.


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