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Mandatory stress management courses for local taxi drivers

Cancun, Q.R. – A new strategy to deal with foul taxi drivers is underway in Cancun.

Citizen complaints against local taxi drivers are on the rise, leaving the Union of Taxi Drivers to deal with hundreds of cantankerous drivers and nearly as many upset customers.

The solution: mandatory stress management courses.

Mauro Carbajal Gutierrez, Labor Secretary of the Union of Taxi Drivers, explained that “The courses are given to taxi drivers who commit a foul. The courses, which began four months ago, operate as part of an enrichment service that take place every Friday.”

The Union of Taxi Drivers says that from May to August of this year, only 150 of the 597 taxi drivers who received complaints were sent to stress management courses.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the stress management courses are mandatory for those who have been reported as giving mistreatment to a customer. Drivers have their identification badge removed while they attend the one-week workshops for stress. Once they complete the course, their badges are returned and they are allowed to resume work.

Aside from customer complaints, violators are found through surveillance operations carried out by the union along main avenues. The operation of inspections are carried out three to four times per week.

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