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Man who harpooned dog gets community service working with dogs

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man who harpooned a dog to death in a residential area of Playa del Carmen earlier this summer has been sentenced to community service working with dogs.

Perla Rocha of the Municipal of Solidaridad said that since the man cannot be sanctioned, he has been sentenced to two months of community service working with the dogs at the city’s Animal Welfare Center (Cebiam).

Photos of the man who harpooned Bobby the dog went viral earlier this summer raising a lot of questions about the rights of animals and those who mistreat them. Perla Rocha explained that the owner of the dog gave up the legal battle but did accept payment instead, while the man who killed the animal has received an administrative sanction.

“Sadly the owner of the dog gave up and accepted the economic payment, however, an administrative sanction was imposed on the person who assaulted him,” she said.

Since it was possible to impose an administrative sanction, the aggressor will have to serve at the Municipal Animal Welfare Center (Cebiam) for two months always under the supervision of civil associations.

She says his punishment is a precedent. “This punishment is a precedent that had never been given in the state. Before, aggressors against animals did not even receive denunciations, so I believe that the impulse given by President Cristina Torres and the support given by civil associations was fundamental to be linked,” she added.

Pela Rocha noted that this is the first time a punishment has been given to work with animal advocacy associations, thus creating the first Animal Welfare Committee, which reminds us that “most of us who live in Playa del Carmen are more good than bad and we love animals.”

“We are already working on the Congress of State initiatives to be able to put more severe penalties for people who mistreat animals,” she said.