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Man stopped at Mexico City airport found carrying stashed diamonds

Mexico City, Mexico — A Spanish man was stopped at the Mexico City International Airport after being found with more than 11,000 diamond stones in his possession.

As part of the surveillance to work against contraband, the Federal Police arrested a subject of Spanish nationality who was carrying an estimated shipment of 11,500 diamonds, of which he could not prove legal origin.

Staff from the Regional Security Division, who are assigned to the air terminal when conducting an analysis of passenger behavior, noticed a man, who was about to board a flight to Colombia, acting nervous.

Security staff requested a search of his carry-on baggage.

Federal agents located a double bottom in his backpack where he hid several plastic bags with hundreds of small diamond crystals.

During a body search, several other bags of loose stones were found attached to his body.

Since he did not have a document for legal shipment, in addition to not being able to prove legal origin of the stones, he was arrested and handed over to the Public Ministry of the Federation and immigration authorities.

Authorities belonging to the Community of Police of America (AMERIPOL) currently headed by the Federal Police of Mexico, say it is possible the man belongs to an international network of contraband runners from Africa, bound for Colombia and Brazil.