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Man spent 12 hours at sea after falling from boat near Los Cabos

Baja California Sur — A man was rescued after spending more than 12 hours at sea in Los Cabos after falling off a boat.

The man, a local Los Cabos fisherman, fell overboard while approximately 88 kilometers southeast of Cabo. Local port authorities received the call of an alert after the boat noticed the absence of one of their crew.

The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico said that the man fell from a fishing vessel in the open sea, 88 kilometers southeast of Cabo San Lucas.

“A call was received at the Command and Control Center of the Navy of Mexico, where it was reported that the fishing vessel Don Antonio Pérez activated its satellite alert system due to the fact that during their crossing to Punta Estrada, they were aware of the absence of a person from the crew,” the agency explained in a statement.

From that, the regional search and rescue system was activated. A Type MLB rescue vessel belonging to the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station of Los Cabos headed out with specialized personnel.

The search for the man lost at sea went into the night. The man was spotted early the next morning southeast of Los Cabos. He was brought aboard the navy ship and given medical attention until he was transported to land where he was taken to hospital. He was reported in stable condition.