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Man pours chemical toward girl to remove her from Cancun store front

Cancun, Q.R. — An unidentified local man is caught on video emptying a bottle of cleaning chemical in the direction of a small girl in what appears, an attempt to get her to leave the front of a store.

The incident was videoed outside an OXXO convenience store in Cancun over the weekend. The video shows an unidentified man spilling muriatic acid, a commonly used cleaning chemical, in the direction of the young Ingenious girl. Many who have seen the socially posted video claim the man did so to remove her from sitting in front of the store.

Local journalist Pedro Canché Herrera wrote on social media, “Outrageous: He throws muriatic acid to run the indigenous people out of his Oxxo store in the Hotel Zone of Cancun.”

In the 15-second video, you can see a man pouring a line of acid along the sidewalk in the direction of the young girl. She stands up to get out of the way and leaves, which is when he looks back at her and empties the bottle before recaping it.