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Man arrested while texting at Playa del Carmen light found carrying gun

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man who was texting while on his motorcycle has been arrested by police after they found he was carrying a gun.

Police say that the man caught their attention while at a green light. The man was on a motorcycle texting on his cell phone, not realizing the red light had turned green. When they proceeded to question him, they found he was carrying a weapon.

The man, who was traveling along Avenue 115, agreed to pull over in a nearby convenience store parking lot, however, the moment the got off his motorcycle, he attempted to flee on foot.

Police searched his person and found he was carrying a gun. The man claimed to be a retired lieutenant of the Mexican Army, a 42-year-old named Gerardo D.C. from Mexico City, but the gun they found tucked inside his belt was registered to someone else.