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Man arrested at Cancun airport carrying nearly a million peso in currencies

Cancun, Q.R. — An African passenger who came from Panama was arrested at the Cancun International Airport for carrying nearly a million peso in cash of various currencies without declaring it.

The arrest occurred in the arrival area of Terminal 2 where federal agents detected a large sum of money in the luggage of a man who entered the country with a Gabon, Africa passport.

The man, who identified himself as Lebanese, was found with more than 30,000 Euros, 150 pounds sterling, 120,000 African francs, 400 baisa coins and 19.5 rials, which are equivalent to approximately 700,000 Mexican peso.

In a statement, the Federal Police said the passenger was arrested after being read the Rights Book that Assists People in Detention and informing him about what happens at the consulate of Gabon and Lebanon.