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Man arrested at Cancun airport for undeclared cash ex-government worker

Cancun, Q.R. — A man arrested at the Cancun International Airport in June for carrying a large amount of undeclared cash is a previous government employee.

On June 28, a Mexican national identified as 45-year-old Eduardo N, was arrested after arriving at the Cancun International Airport from Chetumal in an air taxi where, after inspection, he was found carrying nearly half a million peso in cash.

Officials have since confirmed that Eduardo N was a state government employee up until January of this year. The secretary of finance and planning, Yohanet Torres Muñoz, confirmed that he was an employee of Selfiplan who resigned during the first few days of January.

“The person who came out on the news is not a current state government worker. He resigned at the beginning of January after I took possession of the Ministry of Finance,” she said.

She added that Sefiplan is not involved in any way regarding the investigation of the money that Eduardo N had in his possession, noting that it will be the federal authorities who carry out that report.

During his search, federal police counted out 448,000 peso in bills. Since Eduardo N was unable to legally prove where he got the money, he was arrested and handed over to the public ministry where he remains in detention.