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Malecón Tajamar real estate project will likely go ahead

Cancún, Q.R. — A little more than a year after litigation charges of mangrove devastation at Malecon Tajamar, the National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur) remains immovable in its initial position, assuring that there is still no technical or legal reason to prevent the resumption of works in the real estate complex.

Manuel Mercado Béjar, legal director of the Fund, said that of the 15 protections filed at the beginning of the conflict, 13 have been dismissed “because there is no legal standing” for the appeal and are waiting for the judges to confirm that Malecon Tajamar is a project that, from the outset, is a project respecting all environmental and legal limitations.

“From the beginning we thought that this was a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate that the project was made in accordance with the law, respecting the environment and with the same sustainability scheme that has always characterized Fonatur,” emphasized Mercado Béjar.

The legal director said that the Federal Attorney General’s Office for Environmental Protection (Profepa) also ruled last year that Fonatur was acquitted of the allegations of devastation, and it was acknowledged that they always acted in accordance with environmental terms and conditions, “as we said from the beginning.”

In regard to the fire that recently occurred on the land, the official stated that the first visit of Profepa to the affected area revealed that it was an unprovoked fire, very common in dry season where there are dry branches.

However, there are other ongoing assessments of Profepa itself, as well as the Attorney General’s Office of which are pending, so they wait for the outcome and will act accordingly.

One of the pending matters is in the hands of the magistrate of the Second Chamber, José Fernando Franco González, who entered the petition for lawyer Antonella Vázquez Cavedon in regard to the 36 children who requested to stop the real estate project at Malecón Tajamar claiming their right to a healthy environment.


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