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Mahahual to have own search and rescue station

Mahahual, Q.R. — A commander with a navel zone in Chetumal says the community of Mahahual will have its own Naval Search and Rescue station next year.

The project, which will be for the Secretariat of the Navy, is scheduled to begin in March 2019. Commander of the eleventh naval zone based in Chetumal, Eduviges Martínez Sandoval, said the project has an estimated cost of 90 million peso.

The facilities will be located on the coast of Mahahual and will be equipped with infrastructure, materials, equipment, technology and specialized personnel. They will also have several speedboats and at least one helicopter.

The station will have a competition radius of 100 kilometers from its location and will be used to reinforce surveillance tasks that are carried out in the area’s waters.

These facilities will also be used to attend to emergency situations to help vessels or people in trouble. In May, the Mexico Navy rescued a drifting boat off the shores of Chetumal.

In June, the Navy of Mexico from the Port of Mahahual seized a boat they say was involved in the illegal poaching of pink snails. Mexican navy officials were led on a water-chase as a group of men fled after being spotted illegally fishing pink snails.