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Mahahual mayor says sargasso barriers of little use

Mahahual, Q.R. — The mayor of Mahahual says that the anti-sargasso barriers placed along the coast have been of little use.

“The sargasso containment barriers in Mahahual have been of little use since there is still the accumulation of algae on the shore of the beaches,” said José Luis Sánchez Rosas, mayor of Mahahual.

Sánchez Rojas explained that it is already necessary to come up with new strategies to fight the sargasso since cleaning by state government personnel has not been sufficient, nor by the crews that Othón City Council implemented.

“What we are asking is that what is done has results because until now, we do not see results. They have even come every week to clean but we do not see results,” he said.

Sánchez Rosas said that last week, these barriers out of the water for three days which caused tourists to leave the beach due to the accumulation of sargasso.

“I saw that previously, they were fixed in the water and now I do not know why they were taken out. The accumulation of sargasso continues and creates a smell in the beach area that makes it hard to stay and eat,” he added.

The University of Southern California recently issued its latest forecast on sargasso in the Caribbean Sea, reporting that they foresee a decrease in the algae for November and anticipated that for December, the seaweed would dissipate.