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Luxury restaurant at Bahía Príncipe Hotel reduced to ashes

Tulum Q.R. — On Saturday night, a fire inside the Bahía Príncipe Hotel Complex left a restaurant completely destroyed.

Reports say someone inside heard a short circuit pop moments before seeing flames erupt from the roof of the restaurant. The entire luxury restaurant was quickly engulfed in flames. Restaurant patrons and staff were evacuated.

Photo: Tulum en Red

The extensive heat resulted in the breaking of windows as flames spread. Firefighters were quick to arrive from Tulum. Lead by director Justino Errasquin Abdala, his entire team was put into place within minutes, preventing the fire from spreading to other nearby facilities.

Photo: Tulum en Red

The fire broke out at 9:45 p.m. at the Bahía Príncipe Hotel Complex. Staff of the restaurant were able to evacuate all restaurant patrons, resulting in no known injuries.

Nearly 20 firemen battled the blaze for three hours before leaving the site. Reports say the restaurant was reduced to ashes. An official cause of the fire has not yet been released.