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Luxury Beach Club Isla Mujeres forced to remove barrier

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — After a week of talks with hotels about their concessions, another Isla Mujeres hotel has removed its fence from the public beach area.

The director of Zofemat Isla Mujeres, Kerem Pinto Aguilar, confirmed that after talks with the hotel Luxury Beach Club, the hotel agreed to remove the wooden fence that prevented free passage of the public.

The move came after Hotel Privilege Aluxes was denounced via complaints for building a large wooden fence across a public beach area in an attempt to claim the public space as their own.

Although Hotel Privilege Aluxes agreed to the removal of the barrier without legal intervention, federal authorities were part of the decision-making process for Luxury Beach Club also agreeing to remove its barrier.

Luxury Beach Club of Isla Mujures had their barrier in place for more than two years before finally being forced to take it down.

Pinto Aguilar said that it’s important for hotels to respect the free passage of the public in federal areas, which is why now, concession areas of hotels are being monitored.

Last week, Hotel Privileges Aluxes was cited for erecting a wooden fence to prevent the public from walking in front of its hotel on the beach. Since then, Isla Mujeres residents expressed their hope that the same law would apply to all hotels with concessioned beach areas.

According to the Constitution, any hotel or security member that asks the public to leave a beach area is in violation of Article 27 and the seventh regulation of Zofemat, which ensures free pass and enjoyment of beach to the general public.