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Low-earning jobs given to those without training

Cancun, Q.R. – Tourism is a key industry along the Yucatan Peninsula and is the main employment sector for local people.

Due to the large amounts of concentrated trade and tourism, the state of Quintana Roo attracts record numbers of job-seekers from other states.

Unfortunately, most of the people who arrive to the state do not have adequate job training, specialization or academic degrees needed to work in the tourism industry.

Nelly Martinez Arroyo, coordinator of the Stock Exchange Labor and Employment Promotion in the municipality of Solidaridad, reports that, “The recommendation we always do is to work firmly in training. For example, in the tourism sector, it is essential to have the English language or other another language to avoid constraints. It makes a difference not only to be able apply for a job, but also to get the job.”

She says that within the hotel sector during the first half of this year, 10 employees were promoted to hotel management positions and were suddenly making up to 55,000 peso per month. She also says that for stewards or staff of general public areas, most average 2,200 peso per month plus a few benefits.

“Another example is the waiters who receive 900 pesos plus tips most nights compared with those in public areas or cleaning auxiliaries who have similar public jobs, but with a lower percentage of tips and salaries,” she pointed out.

She says that the three top working positions in 2015 for Playa del Carmen were hotel / accommodation managers with salaries of up to 55,000 peso, followed by executive chefs who earn an average of 50,000 peso per month and front office managers, who make about 40,000 peso per month.

The three lowest working positions are staff of public cleaning, who average 8,000 peso per month but earn the lowest percentage of tips, followed by waiters who also earn 8,000 per month but have the highest percentage of tips. The third lowest paying positon in the city is steward, earning approximately 2,200 peso per month.

Of all jobs promoted by the Job and Employment Promotion in the municipality of Solidaridad, less than 5 percent offer wages above 15,000 peso per month. The rest of the salaries offered are defined based on the minimum wage standards as set for the state of Quintana Roo.

According to Uri Islands Carmona, leader of the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) in the Riviera Maya, “The positive side is that many people learned that if at first they do not meet the profile of the requirements of a job, they take the lower paying jobs and look at becoming trained in order to get a better job in the future.”

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