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Losses to state during Borge could reach 15 billion

Cancun, Q.R. — More than 50 charges have been filed against state ex-governor Roberto Borge, that authorities say, could total more than 15 billion in losses.

State Comptroller Rafael del Pozo Dergal said that he has been working with the Attorney General of the State and the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) to establish complaints that have been filed against former officials of the last government administration led by Roberto Borge.

He said that to date, there are a total of 50 complaints worth an estimated 15 billion peso in damages against the state.

The state official mentioned that so far there have been 50 complaints that have been filed with the state and federal agencies not only for property damage and diverted public funds, but also for the issue of delivery-reception processes.

He pointed out that due to the work that continues to be done by the Supreme Audit Office of the State, not only administrative investigations have been generated, but also criminal investigations.

“Many of the investigations have not been made public. Also, the electoral process must be respected. We do not want it to be interpreted as a promotion toward the image of the state,” he added.

He stressed that he has been working to have a presence in the follow-up and support of each complaint before the Attorney General’s Office and the PGR itself.

Figures and estimates of the research portfolio initially showed approximately 3 billion peso in losses toward the state, however Dergal pointed out that this figure could actually reach 15 billion peso.

“The quantification of patrimonial damage and the treasury is linked to what can be directly accredited as a kind of illicit enrichment or distraction of public resources,” he explained.

He added that in the coming weeks, there will be 17 new complaints added to the 50 already filed.