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López Obrador says he’s satisfied with US trade agreement

Mexico City, Mexico — President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador says he is satisfied with the trade agreement with the United States. The president-elect stressed the importance of Mexico and the United States reaching a trade agreement, but also stressed the importance of Canada being part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

“This step gives economic and financial stability,” said López Obrador, who will assume the reins of the country on December 1. However, he admitted that “there are other things that do not satisfy us at all (…) that Canada is not yet included.

“It is important that the government of Canada be called to maintain the North American Free Trade Agreement. We are very interested in being a treaty of three countries.”

The president-elect said that the US president, Donald Trump, listened to and understood the Mexican position on the issue of energy.

“We are satisfied because our sovereignty is safe. Mexico reserves the right to reform its Constitution, its laws on energy matters and it was established that the oil and natural resources of Mexico belong to our nation,” he said.

“We put the emphasis on defending national sovereignty on the energy issue and it was achieved.”

He also considered that there is a pending point, which is the participation of Canada in the commercial agreement, calling on the Prime Minister Canada, Justin Trudeau, to join.

“Let politics be used, which is a noble trade he knows well, to settle, to resolve differences. This agreement was achieved with Mexico, but we want it to be achieved with Canada.

“President Peña is also looking for Prime Minister Trudeau to start trade negotiations with the United States and certainly with us,” said López Obrador.