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Local police to begin practical training on a national level

Cancun, Q.R. – Workshops on practical training at a national level will begin on June 15 in Cancun for local police. The announcement was made at a meeting of the State Commission at the Federal Judicial building.

“We already have the theory, now we must enter into the practice so we know what we need to strengthen,” Maria de los Angeles Fromow Rangel, Technical Secretary of the Coordinating Council for implementation of the Criminal Justice System (Setec) said.

“The workshop is about emphazing the training they are receiving about how to deal with people in the justice system. In the case of the police, they will receive practical training, for example, on how to help them learn to process a crime scene,” she explained.

The main points the police will be taught are the knowledge and skills on what to do and how they should do it. That was one of the concerns raised during the recent meeting, so now that the law enforcement body understands the theory, they will be able to implement the practice to the municipal and state police to ensure efficiency of the system. These workshops will also give the police confidence as a key contributor to the chain of events that will in turn, strengthen the tasks for public prosecutors once put before a judge.

Leon Luis Antonio Ruiz, magistrate of the judiciary, explained that they also want to implement Investigatel, which is a new model of investigation practices that requires judicial authorization by radiotelephone. The goal is to streamline the time process  in line with the new criminal justice system.

“For example, if a search warrant is required or an application for a fluid test in a rape case is needed, the new system requires a judge to authorize that action. It was thought that having a way to call to ask the judge on duty for authorization would be more efficient. The judge who authorizes the action along with the officer who performed the task are entered into the files of the Public Ministry, like the recording between the judge and who requested the order,” he said.

Maria de los Angeles Fromow Rangel adopted the Investigatel system and asked that it be presented at a national level at the conference of prosecutors to be held in July, with the goal that all states begin using Investigatel.

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