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Local pet sterilization clinic huge success

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – A recent pet sterilization campaign carried out in Playa del Carmen exceeded expectations.

Hundreds of cats and dogs were brought to the makeshift clinics as 15 veterinarians, 10 veterinary technicians and 30 volunteers worked each day to help with the sterilization program.

Erika Flores Reynoso, veterinarian for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, commented that “On average they treated more than 200 animals per day during the six days of the campaign, which were five-hour days from 7 a.m. until noon.”

She also said that “95 percent of the animals that arrived were brought in by their owners while 5 percent of their patients were street rescue animals.” She added that “75 percent of the newly sterilized animals were dogs and 25 percent were cats.”

Flores Reynoso explained that this year, the campaign was able to achieve higher numbers due to a more efficient system. This year, she said there was a better method in place that helped increase the speed of the reception area as well as the recovery time for each pet.

“It was nice to see the participation in the recovery area, especially by the pet owners. There is hope that there will be better awareness for the pets,” she added.

The cats and dogs that were brought into the free spay and neuter clinic received additional care beyond just being sterilized. Animals were also cleaned, dewormed and evaluated for undernourishment. People who brought their pets are given helpful instructions on how to better love and take care of them.

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